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Candle Love Spells That Work Fast

A White Candle Love Spell To Find True Love

Whether you are looking for a new love or want to rekindle an old flame, a white candle love spell can help you in the romance department. Call on the power of positive energy to bring love into your life.A Simple White Candle Love Spell.You need a virgin white candle that is thick enough to inscribe. A four-inch, altar-style candle works well because it is easy to inscribe and small enough to watch as it burns completely away.

Place the candle in a candle holder on your altar. If you do not have an altar, a tabletop is fine.

Surround the candle with special objects that mean a lot to you and to the person you love. These precious things can be symbolic, such as a small seashell if you love the ocean, a flower petal of your favorite flower or a special word written on a piece of paper.

If you have access to a white rose or a white rose bush, take a thorn and inscribe the candle with it. Write the words All my love come to me on the candle three times. If you do not have a rose thorn, use the tip of a knife, a nail or a needle to inscribe the candle.

Place the candle back in the middle of the altar or table and light it.

Focus on the candle as it burns, visualizing the person coming to you with love. Keep visualizing and thinking about the person until the candle burns down completely.

Once the candle has burned away, wrap the wax puddle that is left and the objects surrounding the candle in a piece of white paper. Put the remains in a safe place.

White Candle Love Spells Online

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