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White Magic Love Spells

No one wants their love spell to backfire, therefore most people decide White Magic Love Spells are the answer, but actually there is no such thing as White Magic Love Spells, it’s ironic, but White Magic Love Spells contain as much black magic as they do white - but once you understand why, I think you will feel completely reassured that nothing can backfire.I could technically call all the love spells on this website White Magic Love Spells, because people believe they are positive and will work - which is very true for all my love spells.Are your love spells white magic? I am scared my love spell will backfire, please assure me you cast only white magic love spells.

My love spells work positively, but they aren’t white magic, there is no such thing as white magic spells - it’s a myth. Most real witches will tell you they cast grey magic love spells, I think that’s an accurate description; black and white mixed together makes grey, and the perfect balance between black and white makes grey - you cannot have one without the other as they are polar opposites, everything in life has an opposite: day and night, hot and cold, wet and dry and of course black and white.

Will the black magic element hurt you? No, it’s not remotely dangerous, people do tend to think of dark and black as being evil, and light and white as being pure and positive, but a love spell is about love, black and white energies work together in pure harmony.

Love spells are grey then, they contain a perfectly, balanced harmonised energy - a love spell cannot go wrong or backfire, these are misconceptions. To cast a negative spell a witch would focus on a negative outcome, the spell request and words would be negative. I guess he or she would use black candles, and dark images, but they cannot remove the white from the spell because black’s polar opposite is white - the white would not stop the spell from working, but as already stated, black and white harmonise - harmony is positive, so it’s very hard casting death spells when your witchcraft energy is essentially positive. Well quite simply a death spell wouldn’t work.

Witchcraft is positive, it attracts love, health and wealth - everyone is happy when things are peaceful, loving and they have nice things in their life.

None of this is wrong, but sadly there are too many people who are miserable by nature and they want to stop others from being happy.

Although my answer isn’t what you expected, I hope you feel happy to go ahead with your love spell?

Love Spells White Magic