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Bring Back Lost Love Spell Free

Bring Back Lost Love Spell Free

A Spell to Bring Your Ex Back Art print from Etsy This is not a black magick spell that will force your ex to love you again against their free will.  Rather, this spell will fan flames that already exist – so if your ex still has some feelings for you, it will enhance them and remove the obstacles that are currently preventing you and your ex from being together. This spell should be performed during a waxing or full moon, at exactly 8 o’clock in the evening. For this Wiccan love spell to bring your ex back, you will need: Two white candles A photo or drawing of your ex (make sure your ex is alone in the photo) A photo of yourself smiling A piece of blue fabric Chamomile teabag Cast your circle and light the candles. Take a moment to meditate to put yourself in a calm and peaceful state. Once you are relaxed, hold the picture of your ex in your left hand, and the picture of yourself in your right hand.

Now start visualising the way you will feel once you and your ex are together again – fill your heart with love and light and beam it towards the two pictures.  Do this for a few minutes, then recite the following incantation to bring your ex back: May the light of the flame increase your desire, When I speak your name you’ll feel my fire, May the obstacles between us melt away May our lovers’ tie be strengthened this day The spell has been cast, so mote it be! Say your ex’s name three times, and put their picture down, putting yours face down on top of theirs . Put the chamomile teabag on top of it and wrap it all together in the blue cloth. Each day for three weeks, light the same candles at 8.00 and say your ex’s name three times.

Powerful Love Spell To Get Back Lost Love

Separation is very painful. The love and intimacy that you once shared through many years can be torn asunder at the knock of separation. Couples that find themselves in these circumstances usually withdraw from society and plunge into depression, hopelessness and melancholy. The good news is that no situation is permanent. With the aid of spells, you are offered another opportunity to revive your glorious past. If he or she dumped you without any justifiable reason, you can get them back using this free easy love spell.This is a simple love spell that can be done from the comfort of your home.

It is ideal for those who seek to recover an old love. You can be assured that this tie of love is very effective if you use it properly. otherwise the results could be different from what you expected. If you are interested, you can do this love-lashing spell. You just need to get the materials and follow the procedure that is given below:

What you need

 A white candle

 Your photograph and that of your old love

 Two drops of your tears

 A white handkerchief